Technology Group Leaders

Francesco Cavaliere

Qualifica professionale: Coordinator of the Mechanical Workshop Physics Department

Personalized and precision medicine are the aim of our project. We use new technologies and advanced tools, which allow us to communicate more clearly with the medical component to satisfy their requirements. We started about 10 years ago with 3D printing applied in the mechanical field. In recent years, in collaboration with a large base of Milanese doctors, we have increasingly dedicating ourselves, with tenacity and passion, to the development of new methodologies in the field of 3D Printing technology applied to medicine. I personally believe there is a very promising future in this field. The aim is to provide increasingly advanced processes and methods to help doctors, and therefore offer patients a better quality of life. Our goal is to always provide excellent quality devices, to improve and increasingly ensure the resolution of difficult and extremely complex cases.

Federico Pezzotta

Technology Group Staff
Qualifica professionale: Technician for additive manufacturing at the Department of Physics - UNIMI

Never before have innovative technologies focused on the theme of personalization the way they have in recent years: the benefits of this feature are potentially revolutionary, especially in the medical field. The challenge of PRINTMED-3D is to create an environment in which tools such as immersive virtual reality and functional 3D printing can be integrated into a new mode of care that is multi-purpose and as effective as possible.

Tommaso Santaniello

Managing Director
Qualifica professionale: UNIMI Researcher

Marco Solbiati

Technology Group Leader

Marco Ciambrone

Technology Group Leader

Lorenzo Cantini

Technology Group Leader